Vision, Mission and Principles


To become Brazil‘s leading agricultural production and land development company by 2020.


To operate with excellence and in a sustainable manner in agricultural production and land development, contributing to the prosperity of our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.


  • Relationships

We prioritize long-lasting, honest, direct and transparent relations with our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society as a whole, always honoring the commitments we have assumed.

  • Commitment

We are committed. We felt "business owners".

We are passionate about our work and take pride in what we do.

We are fully aware that our initiatives are directly associated with Terra Santa‘s development and success. We put great value on teamwork and we believe in sharing information and responsibilities. We celebrate the Company‘s victories and sustainable results, as well as our efforts to achieve them.

We are eternal nonconformists. We know that in our sector the variables are dynamic and that current achievements are no guarantee of future success. There is always something new to pursue.

We aim to achieve a permanent improvement in our results, processes and people through integrated planning, the use of the best available technology, the responsible delegation of tasks and their disciplined execution, all of which underpinned by simplicity and consistency.

  • Simplicity

We are clear and straightforward, using language that is accessible to everyone.

Our simple processes and structure speed up decision-making, allowing us to transform ideas into results and achieve our expectations.

At Terra Santa, we address each other in an informal manner, but always politely and respectfully.

We are not afraid of doing the simple thing. We avoid red tape and do what has to be done.

  • Valuing People

We are fully aware that the people making up our team are the most important asset for ensuring the continuity of our business. Their fulfillment, well-being and continuous training, both individually and as a team, at all stages of their careers, are the guarantee of our continuity.

We actively promote the development of our people, valuing and recognizing their performance and abilities.

We celebrate and recognize individual and team development.

We welcome diversity and do not tolerate any type of discrimination or abusive or offensive behavior in the workplace.

  • Continuity

The world never stops growing and we firmly believe that large-scale grain cultivation is absolutely essential to ensure that everyone is fed in a dignified and respectful manner.

Everything we do impacts the whole. Our products, our actions and our relationships have repercussions on people, the environment and ourselves and we believe that our proactive and respectful relations constitute a win-win formula.

We want to work together to create wealth and contribute to the evolution and sustainable development of society.

We believe that all forms of life must be respected and we take great care to ensure that our impact on the world is environmentally correct, socially just and economically viable in the long term.

We are convinced that we can improve people‘s quality of life by providing them with high-quality agribusiness products, while preserving the environment, exploring natural resources in a rational way and strengthening economic competitiveness, thereby increasing long-term value for our shareholders.