• Top of Mind - Tribuna Ribeirão Preto newspaper (SP) - Casas Bahia
  • XVII Top of Mind Minas Gerais Successful Brands - Casas Bahia
  • III Ranking of the Largest ICMS Taxpayer in Paraná - Casas Bahia among the 100 companies listed in the ranking
  • Top of Mind - A Tribuna Santos newspaper - Casas Bahia - Categories: furniture (9th consecutive year) and home appliances (10th consecutive year)
  • Top of Mind Campinas - Casas Bahia - Category: furniture and home appliances
  • Top of Mind Piracicaba - Casas Bahia - Category: furniture and home appliances
  • 1st in the ranking in the segment "Home appliance store" in Barretos - Casas Bahia - Highlight in the consumer preference and popularity survey conducted by HPM-Herrmann Pesquisa e Marketing from March 1 to June 30, 2012, hired by ACIB
  • Companies with the best communication with journalists - Negócios da Comunicação magazine - Pontofrio
  • Top of Mind - Bom Dia Jundiaí newspaper - Casas Bahia - Category: home appliances
  • Top of Mind Santa Catarina - Casas Bahia - Category: home appliances
  • Top of Mind - Folha de São Paulo newspaper - Casas Bahia - Category: retailer (7th consecutive year)
  • "Company that Most Respect Consumers in Brazil" Consumidor Moderno magazine - Pontofrio - Segment: electronic retailer
  • Top of Mind Curitiba - Amanhã magazine - Casas Bahia - Category: furniture
  • 25 Most Valued Companies in Brazil, ranking Interbrands - Pontofrio was elected 24th in the ranking
  • Prêmio Impar Curitiba, survey conducted by IBOPE inteligência - Casas Bahia - Categories: furniture and home appliances
  • 13th in the survey of Most Valued Brands, conducted by Interbrands - Casas Bahia - The brand that makes the dreams of consumers come true with consistent position
Last Update on January 28, 2013
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