Board & Committees

We always think about the solidity and long-term nature of our business and relationships

Members of the Global Executive Team (GET) come together in monthly forums to propose, decide and monitor the initiatives that will lead us to achieve our vision.

The GET is composed of the Global CEO, the presidents of the four regions and executive directors of five global areas that are strategic for the company: Finance, People & Management, Legal, Corporate Development, and Technical Department.

This structure is reproduced in the regions, with executive teams that bring strategic themes closer to the local operations: in Brazil, we have the Brazilian Executive Team (BET); in North America, the North American Executive Team (NAET); and in Europe, Asia and Africa, the European, Asian and African Executive Team (EAAET).

This model highlights the strength of our company and our commitment to transparency and to the sustainable development of our business and stakeholders, in addition to ensuring speed and efficiency in decision making.

Board of Directors

Sitting Member
Luiz Antonio dos Santos Pretti1
Clarissa Lins1
Fabio Ermrio de Moraes
Francisco de S Neto1
Johann Markus Akermann1
Jos Roberto Ermrio de Moraes
Srgio Malacrida

1 Independent members

1 Global Internal Audit reports to Votorantim’s Audit Committee and, administratively, to the CEO.
² Global areas: Finance, People & Management, Legal, Corporate Development, Corporate Communications and Technical Department.

Audit Committee
Supervises internal and external audits. It also monitors the company‘s governance, risks and compliance processes and analyzes financial reporting statements. Is consists of three to five members, most of them independent.
Finance Committee
Responsible for advising the Board of Directors on issues related to the Brazilian and global economic environment, financial policies and risks, cash management and liquidity. It also monitors annual performance targets, capital structure, cash flow, and working capital needs.
Organization, Compensation and People Committee
Supports the Board of Director in matters of compensation, appointments, profile and skills of candidates for management positions, and monitors issues related to corporate culture and the People & Management area. It has between three and five menbers, two of whom are independent.

*The committees act without detriment to the other competences set forth in its own Internal Regulation.

Last Update on April 26, 2021

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