Notice to the Market
Statement of Sale of Relevant Shareholding

Rio de Janeiro, June 12, 2012 -Pursuant to Circular CVM/SGE/001/03 of January 22, 2003, and Article 12, head paragraph, of CVM Rule 358 of January 3, 2002, Contax Participações S/A (“Company”) (Bovespa: CTAX3 and CTAX4) announces that it received a letter dated June 8, 2012, from ETON PARK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT L.P., informing that the non-resident investors under its management sold 1,314,200 common shares issued by the Company, as a result of which their interest in the common stock fell to below 5%, reaching zero.
The shareholders represented by ETON PARK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT L.P. do not hold any other interest in the Company’s common or preferred stock.

Marco Norci Schroeder
Investor Relations Officer
Contax Participações S.A.

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