Net Revenue: R$157.6 mn in 3Q11 (+14.8% vs. 3Q10)
Adjusted EBITDA: R$9.5 mn in 3Q11, with a margin of 6,0%
Operating cash flow of R$24.0 mn in 3Q11 and R$70.8 mn in 9M11
Distributed R$9.7 mn to shareholders in 3Q11

São Paulo, Brazil, November 10, 2011 - Metalfrio Solutions S.A. (FRIO3) (“Metalfrio”), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plug-in commercial refrigeration equipment, announces its results for the third quarter of 2011 (“3Q11”). Financial and operational information given is in accord with international accounting standards (IFRS), in Reais (R$). Comparisons are with the third quarter of 2010 (“3Q10”) or as indicated.

3Q11 Summary

  • Net Revenue: R$157,6 mn in 3Q11 (+14.8% vs. 3Q10). Americas: R$122.8 mn (+30.7% vs. 3Q10). Europe: R$34.8 mn (-19.6% vs. 3Q10)
  • Gross Profit of R$25.6 mn in 3Q11 (gross margin of 16.2%)
  • Adjusted EBITDA of R$9.5 mn in 3Q11. Margin of 6.0%
  • Operating Cash flow of R$24.0 mn in 3Q11 (generation of R$40.3 mn in 3Q10), and generation of R$70.8 mn in first nine months of 2011 (“9M11”) (generation of R$33.7 mn in 9M10)
  • Distributed R$9.7 mn to shareholders in 3Q11, as approved by the Annual General Meeting held April 7, 2011

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