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Service for Investors and Analysts
Learn more about Banrisul’s results and its Investor Relations website.
Rua Caldas Júnior, 108 - 7th floor
91050-001 - Porto Alegre /RS - Brasil
Phone: +55 51 3215 3232
Fax: +55 51 3215 3200
Service for Banrisul Shareholders
Learn about your shareholding position and procedures for the sale and transfers of shares
Banrisul Branches
Find the closest branch on Banrisul’s website:, section "Where you can find Banrisul".

• In compliance with the bank secrecy law, we will not provide information on the shareholding position by telephone.
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Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S.A.
Rua Capitão Montanha, nº 177 - Centro
Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul
Phone: +55 51 3215-3232
Fax: +55 51 3215-3200