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Banricompras network begins to capture MasterCardís card transactions

Banricompras network begins to capture MasterCard’s card transactions

Banrisul announced today (March 1st), at the Bank’s headquarters, in Porto Alegre, that it has become the newest MasterCard acquirer. Starting next month, the Banricompras network will capture Banricompras capture transactions with MasterCard credit and debit cards brands, Maestro, Cirrus and Redeshop. The event was attended by executive officers from Banrisul, MasterCard and CSU CardSystem, as well as media representatives and companies’ senior executives.

During the meeting, the first operation using a MasterCard card in a Banricompras POS was made. "This successful partnership confirms the strength of Banrisul’s transaction capture network," said the Bank’s CEO, Bordini Rubens, who forecasts a 35% increase in financial transactions within Banricompras Network this year. In 2010, the financial turnover was R$4.8 billion, from 70.9 million transactions.

Bordini reported that the Bank is already receiving requests for accreditation of the MasterCard brand to Banricompras network from store owners, which will benefit from choosing Banrisul as their bank domicile for the credit of the proceeds from transactions made with cards.

The merchants will participate at the Surpreenda MasterCard program, accumulating one point for every sale made with MasterCard through Banricompras network, with the right to redeem points for exclusive benefits to them. They may also offer customers cell phones recharge service, among other special conditions, which will be all carried out through Banricompras POS equipment, with a discount on the monthly fee.

For Rubens Bordini, Banricompras network, leader in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, will now have a key differentiator to their customers, individuals and companies alike. He pointed out that the network adjustments occurred in record time - just seven months following Banrisul’s licensing to capture credit and debit card transactions from MasterCard to Banrisul in August last year, against the usual term of one year to one and l half year. "It was an innovative process, which once again confirms the Bank’s technological expertise capacity vis-à-vis the market."

Bordini also highlighted that the Banricompras network is a strategic product for the institution, enabling the expansion of business within the retailer segment, benefiting mainly small and medium businesses that will improve competitiveness by offering customers sales conditions comparable to those from large establishments- at sight, pre-dated and installments sales.

"To broaden the use of its cards by being present in most of the Brazilian cities, and thereby allowing millions of people gain access to electronic means of payment is a priority for MasterCard. Thus the partnership with Banrisul is very important to us because, aside from expanding our acceptance network, it strengthens our presence in the Southern region of Brazil, one of the fastest growing in the country, "said Gilberto Caldart, president of MasterCard Brazil. "The alliance with Banrisul wil also make possible to identify potential locations for card usage, many of them where the economy is based on trade, and thereby contribute to the local development by stimulating the replacement of hard cash by electronic means of payment."

"Through this partnership it will also be able to bring unique benefits to merchant stores affiliated to Banricompras Network, like MasterCard‘s Surpreenda Program," concludes Caldart.

CSU CardSystem will be in responsible for the processing and the settlement of MasterCard‘s cards transactions captured by Banricompras network.

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