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Banrisulís new management takes office

Banrisul’s new management takes office

The investiture ceremony of Banrisul’s new management will occur on Thursday, March 17th, at 03:00 pm, at the Bank’s Head Office (Rua Caldas Júnior, 108 / 4th floor). During the ceremony, which will be attended by the State Governor, Mr, Tarso Genro, Messrs. Túlio Luiz Zamin (Chief Executive Officer), Flavio Luiz Lammel (Vice-President), Guilherme Cassel (Credit Officer), Ivandre de Jesus Medeiros (Operating and Services Officer), João Emilio Gazzana (Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations Officer), Jone Luiz Hermes Pfeiff (Commercial Officer), Julimar Roberto Rota (Asset Management Officer) and Luiz Carlos Morlin (Risk and Compliance Officer) will assume their positions at Banrisul’s Board of Executive Officers.

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