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Banrisul, one of the best credit card issuers in Brazil

Banrisul, one of the best credit card issuers in Brazil

According to customers, Banrisul is one of the five best well-rated credit cards issuers in Brazil, according to a survey conducted by consultancy CVA Solutions. The study appointed that Banrisul’s cardholders "are pretty happy with the fees charged on revolving credit and with its wide branch network in the State of Rio Grande do Sul." Moreover, its products and services, customer care and safety standards have been emphasized and highlighted.

The Bank also obtained the second highest rating in the cost-benefit of credit cards as perceived by customers. 7,199 users of credit cards issued by the major retail financial institutions in Brazil were interviewed.

According to Tulio Zamin, Banrisul’s CEO, this output will further stimulate the Bank’s sales force. "The expectation is that, from marketing our membership program (BanriClube de Vantagens), the card base will make a big leap." He notes that, with a wide dissemination of the benefits of the reward program, customers will be more prone to using plastic money.

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