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Banrisul: Results that transform


Banrisul: Results that transform ( Consumidor Moderno magazine - July 2007 - page 98)

Banrisul´s operations are guided by the determination that results that make a difference can be obtained only if the company, employees and society work together. This ‘virtuous´ cycle, as the bank calls it, introduces the human element in relationships, invigorates business and ensures sustainable development of the communities in which the company operates.

Banrisul complies with the environmental legislation in all its credit lines. For example, in the area of sustainable rural development, there are several credit lines related to sustainable agriculture. Banrisul´s corporate responsibility initiatives reflect its commitment to investing in employment and income generation programs, providing support to education and health, preserving the cultural values and traditions and to safeguarding the environment. In 2006, the bank invested more than R$ 23 million towards these initiatives.

Banrisul has established a corporate responsibility committee under the supervision of the controllership department and directly reporting to the CEO´s office. Different departments of the bank carry out sustainability efforts through specific credit lines or those as part of programs like ‘Recycle ( Reciclar )´ and the Banrisul Energy Program ( Programa Energético Banrisul − Progeb, which works with schools by providing educational material on how to reduce energy wastage and encourage energy efficiency. It also provides credit lines to companies that seek to update its energy park. Since its implementation in 2004, Progeb has enabled savings of 305,104 kWh.

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