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Banrisul launches campaign commemorating Civil Servant Day

“Corporate Activities” column, by Ana Paula Silveira

Banrisul launches campaign commemorating Civil Servant Day

Banrisul is sponsoring special activities to celebrate Civil Servant Day, which is commemorated on October 28. The Bank launched a campaign entitled “Civil Servant Month” at its branch located at the Rio Grande do Sul State Administration Center. Banrisul’s banking unit provides exclusive services to the 6,500 employees who work at the center, with workers who authorize automatic debit of monthly utility bills and register for or take out payroll-deductible loans becoming eligible for special prizes. The automatic debit service is offered free of charge, and clients are informed beforehand of the exact amount of the debit. According to Banrisul Distribution Officer Tadeu Vianna, “in the case of payroll-deductible loans, state government workers enjoy the advantage of terms up to 100 months and special percentage rates that start at 1.50% per month”. Monthly loan payments may account for as much as 45% of gross monthly income and are deducted directly from workers’ salary payments.

(O Sul - ed. 04.10.2007 - p. 11)

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