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Banrisul achieves international certification for the use of payment cards


Porto Alegre, August 22, 2013.

Banrisul achieves international certification for the use of payment cards


Banrisul has been granted the most important certification in the global payment card industry: the Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). The announcement took place today, August 21, at the Bank‘s headquarters in the presence of executives from Banrisul, Módulo Security Solutions, Visa and MasterCard. Túlio Zamin, CEO of Banrisul, and Sérgio Thompson-Flores, CEO of Módulo, signed the attestation of conformity with the certification.

As a result, Rede Banricompras, Banrisul‘s own payment network, is now part of a qualified group of financial institutions with a security certificate to capture transactions of the leading international brands, Visa and MasterCard, as well as those of VerdeCard, Banricompras and corporate benefit cards for meals, food, fuel, etc.

PCI DSS certification attests to the fact that Rede Banricompras gives its clients and users the same standards of security as in the world‘s leading countries. Since August 2012, Rede Banricompras‘ terminals have been equipped to capture transactions effected with Visa, MasterCard, VerdeCard (the Quero-Quero retail chain card) and Banricompras cards. As a result, Banrisul believes its current processing capacity of 12 million transactions per month will increase, confirmed by the constant growth of the accredited network.

In 2013 through July, the network had already handled 75 million transactions, 15 million of which Visa and MasterCard transactions.

According to CEO Túlio Zamin, the achievement demonstrates the success of a strategic vision of the future. "Rede Banricompras was constructed over more than ten years through a process of direct dialogue with the future. We will continue investing in this product which is now one of Banrisul‘s most important assets." He added that the Bank, in addition to being efficient and profitable, is fully committed to producing results for society as a whole.

According to Banrisul‘s Service and Operating Officer, Ivandre Medeiros, today was an unprecedented event in the south of Brazil and nationwide. "The Bank is totally certified within all the world‘s leading security indices. In addition, Banrisul adds to technological progress the commercial advantage of being able to ensure its clients and affiliates that all their transactions will be subject to the highest standards of global security."

"Módulo has been developing projects for Banrisul for eight years and when we began this certification process, we verified that the Bank already had a much higher degree of compliance with PCI practices than the market average. This factor, together with the knowledge and professionalism of Banrisul‘s team, allowed us to conclude the certification process very quickly," explained Sérgio Thompson-Flores, CEO of Módulo Security Solutions. For the Commercial Vice-President of MasterCard Brasil, João Pedro Paro Neto, the company‘s policy is to reduce the circulation of cash, while increasing the use of plastic money. "As a result, the world will tend to improve, with more benefits and savings. In this sense, Banrisul has proved to be increasingly competent. Together, we will ensure improved service, security and comfort for our users."

According to Visa‘s Business Development Officer, Andrea Sheikh, the company‘s technology area is based on three pillars: prevention, protection and response, in order to minimize fraud and ensure security. She also emphasized how much electronic transactions fuel the global economy. "It is gratifying to see how much Rede Banricompras is growing, thanks to Banrisul‘s efforts to ensure security."

Banrisul‘s Head of IT Security, Jorge Krug, emphasized the importance of PCI DSS certification to the Bank. "This is the culmination of over seven years‘ work on training personnel, implementing technical changes and improving administrative procedures in order to prepare and modernize the Bank‘s payment network, ensuring compliance with strict global security criteria, including its valuable contribution as a member of the PCI‘s Board of Advisors between 2009 and 2011."

For Rede Banricompras‘ Head of Security, Carlos Malafaia, certification ensures that the network will be able to capture electronic means of payment transactions with absolute security, increasing the trust of its accredited retailers. "This means that Rede Banricompras is fully equipped to work with major retail firms, expanding nationwide, since we have achieved all the necessary certifications," he explained.

"Módulo‘s differentiated consulting and certification methodology, used by the largest team of professionals certified by the PCI Board, such as QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) in Brazil, was essential for the construction of this success story," declared Janaina Devus, Módulo Security Solutions‘ Project Manager.



The certification project was divided into three stages. The first was an evaluation of the necessary adaptations of each area and process within the scope of the certification. In the second stage, the process, environmental and technological adaptations were monitored, compliance was verified and supporting data were collected. During this stage, which directly mobilized more than 130 professionals and investments of more than 15,000 man-hours of work in adapting the technological environment, 38 internal projects were executed by the IT Security, IT Infrastructure and Systems Development areas, subsequently involving another six areas of the Bank. The final stage involved the monitoring, by Módulo, of the maintenance of the processes for the annual reviews until 2016, in order to ensure re-certification. The certification was undertaken by Módulo Security Solutions, which was responsible for advising on and evaluating the compliance of Rede Banricompras‘ transaction environment with PCI DSS data security standards.

About PCI

It is an international standard regulating good practices regarding the use, handling and storage of credit card data. It was created in 2004 through the unification of the individual security procedures adopted by the various credit card brands.

PCI DSS certification ensures the conformity of Rede Banricompras with the security standards established by the PCI Board of Advisors, a global organization uniting representatives from the leading international credit and debit card companies. Banrisul has been an affiliate since 2008 and was the first South American company to take part in the Board, where it retained a seat for two years, between 2009 and 2011, and helped define the current version of the PCI DSS standard.

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