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Payroll accounts of municipal workers expected to stay at Banrisul

Payroll accounts of municipal workers expected to stay at Banrisul

The bill to prohibit the transfer of civil servant payroll accounts to other banks was approved on Tuesday (30) by the Judiciary Committee of the Rio Grande do Sul State Legislature. In a packed chamber of the Judiciary Committee, the opinion of Report Manager Nelson Marchezan Jr. (PSDB party) in favor of Bill 252/2007 was unanimously approved on Tuesday, which requires municipal governments to maintain the payroll accounts of their civil servants at Banrisul.

The bill’s sponsor, Assembly Member Gilberto Capoani (PMDB), acknowledged that the transfer of salary accounts was an alternative found by municipal governments to increase their cash flow. Therefore, he said that in addition to causing damages to Banrisul and to the economic development of Rio Grande do Sul state, the measure will not provide a definitive solution to the financial problems of local governments. “I served as mayor and sympathize with city governments’ needs to find funds, and how they must work with so little to meet the needs of their communities. However, it is not by weakening Banrisul that these governments will strengthen their financial positions, but rather by implementing broad-based tax reform”, he said.

The CEO of Banrisul, Fernando Lemos, who accompanied the session of the Judiciary Committee, will not await the outcome of the bill on the floor of the State Legislature to build a strategy to strengthen the bank’s relationship with municipal governments. “We provide services in all municipalities and we are already talking with the State Federation of Municipal Associations (FAMURS) to narrow our relationships with city halls and return to the communities with more prestige”, announced Lemos.

(State Assembly Website − ed. 10/31/2007)

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