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Notice to the Market - Tenure of the Executive Board


Porto Alegre, April 17 , 2015.

Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S.A. ("Banrisul", "Bank" or "Company"), Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, S.A. - Banrisul announces that, at the extraordinary meeting held in March 25, 2015 and in accordance to the provisions of Article 27 of its Bylaws, the Board of Directors elected the Executive Board of Banrisul, as follows:

- Chief Executive Officer: Luiz Gonzaga Veras Mota;
- Deputy CEO and Chief Risk Officer: Irany de Oliveira Sant‘Anna Junior;
- Chief Commercial Officer: Leodir Antônio Araldi;
- Asset Management Officer: Jorge Luiz Oliveira Loureiro
- Chief Credit Officer: Oberdan Celestino de Almeida;
- Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer: Ricardo Richiniti Hingel;
- Service and Operating Officer: Júlio Francisco Gregory Brunet;
- Chief Administrative Officer: Suzana Flores Cogo, and
- Information Technology Officer: Jorge Fernando Krug Santos.

After having their names approved by the Central Bank of Brazil, the tenure ceremony of the Executive Board occurred in April 16, 2015, whose mandate will last until the investiture of their successors, who will be elected at the first meeting the Board of Directors after the Annual Shareholders‘ Meeting to be held in 2018.

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