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Porto Alegre, February 23, 2016.

In response to Official Letter No. 60/2016-CVM/SEP/GEA-1 (transcription below) requesting information on the article published by the website on February 18, 2016, under the heading "In Banrisul, a payroll and a conflict", Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul ("Banrisul") informes that:

1. On January 19 and on February 17, 2016, it informed shareholders and the market, in the form of Material Facts, in accordance with CVM Instruction No. 358/2002 ("Material Facts"), that:

(i) the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul was authorized, pursuant to State Law No. 14837/2016 (the "Law"), to onerously transfer to Banrisul services related to the payroll of civil servants and the use of public spaces for the provision of banking services, and formally expressed its interest in giving effect to the provisions of the Law; and

(ii) Banrisul has started the necessary analyses to evaluate the impacts of such onerous assignment upon its activities (including any amount eventually agreed for such assignment).

2. As presented in the Material Facts, Banrisul is currently studying the feasibility of eventually entering in agreement with the Government of Rio Grande do Sul State, which will depend on factors such as price negotiation, discussion of the applicable legal terms and agreements and the obtaining of mandatory internal approvals, should the commercial terms of the transaction be set.

3. Banrisul will adopt the appropriate and necessary measures to prevent any actions regarding the above matters be taken in situations of conflict of interests or for the sole benefit of the controlling shareholder, divulging information informed about the negotiations accordingly.

Certain of having provided the requested explanations, Banrisul is available for any further clarification that may be necessary.

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