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Banrisul announces payment of dividends

Porto Alegre, December 19th, 2007 - BANRISUL - Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (Bovespa: BRSR3; BRSR5; BRSR6), a multiple-service bank that plays in all segments of the Rio Grande do Sul´s society, hereby informs the Shareholders that the Executive Board, at its meeting held on December 14th, 2007 approved, in compliance with the Bylaws of Banrisul, advance payment of dividends for the year 2007, in the amount of R$ 71,518,708.88 (seventy-one million, five hundred eighteen thousand, seven hundred eight Reais and eighty-eight Centavos), based on the earnings of the first half of the year ended on June 30th, 2007. This amount will be imputed to the dividends to be calculated on the results of the year ending on December 31st, 2007.

Dividends will be paid as follows:

Class / Type of Share

Dividends per Share

Common Shares
Preferred Shares - Class A
Preferred Shares - Class B

R$ 0.17470530
R$ 0.19217583
R$ 0.17470530

All the shareholders registered in the Company´s records as owners or usufruct right holders of such shares as on December 14th, 2007, will be entitled to dividends, after which shares will be traded ´ex-dividend´.

Income Tax
As per legislation, dividends are exempt from Income Tax.

Types of Payment
On December 27th, 2007, dividends will be credited directly into the checking accounts of shareholders who are accountholders of BANRISUL. For other shareholders, dividends will be paid at any branch of Banrisul starting on the same date, with proper proof of identity required.
Shareholders, whose shares are in custody at the Stock Exchanges, will receive dividends through the brokerage firm where they made the respective deposit.

Expiry Period
According to Article 287 of Law 6404, dividends not claimed within three years from the date they have been declared, will lapse.

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