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Top Ranking

From the most profitable to the most liquid shares, get to know the top picks of the stock market, By Márcio Kroeh.

The year of 2007 was a bullish year on the stock market. The best individual and sector performances may be seen in this Economática study, which was especially conducted for DINHEIRO. The period under analysis comprises the 12 months ended November 30 2007, in which Ibovespa, the Bovespa index of the most-traded stocks, rose 50.26%. In the calendar year, the market appreciated 43.65%. All stock indexes exceeded by far the remaining indicators.

In 2007, for the third consecutive year, a power company reached the best return on equity (ROE) for the investor. AES Tietê, which ranked second in the previous year, trailing behind Cemar, this time in on top of the list. Half of the 20 best companies in this edition were included in last year’s ranking, which demonstrates business planning consistency. GOL and TAM are some of the stocks that left the top ranking, affected by the aviation crisis. Among the most profitable stocks in 12 months, Eucatex, which carried out a judicial recovery plan, is on top of the list. And the blue chips kept showing increasing liquidity: Petrobras, the most-traded stock, rose 64.5% and Vale, 113.2%.

Company Sector Return (in %)
AES Tietê Energy 96.55
Natura Retail 58.64
MMX Mining 57.69
VBC Energia Energy 53.05
Souza Cruz Others 52.56
CCR Rodovias Transportation and services 48.33
Mender Jr. Construction 48.27
Light Energy 47.37
Banrisul Banks and Financial Services 45.21
La Fonte Part. Others 45.04
Aços Villares Steel and Metallurgy 44.90
Comgás Oil and gas 40.18
Vale Mining 39.22
Coelba Energy 39.13
Elektro Energy 38.17
Energisa Energy 37.66
AG Concessões Transportation and services 36.14
Ipiranga Ref. Oil and gas 34.45
Weg Machinery 33.83
Banese Banks and Financial Service 32.70
Obs: Companies with shareholders´ equity higher than R$ 100 millions.
Comparation between 9/2006 and 9/2007
Source: Economática


Source: Onde Investir 2008 - ISTOÉ

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