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Banrisul has world’s best integrated card model

Banrisul has world’s best integrated card model

Banrisul received an award for the best project worldwide that combines in a single card both electronic-government services (certification authority of Rio Grande do Sul state) and banking system applications. The award was presented at the celebration of the ten-year anniversary of the MULTOS System, which was held on March 4 in London, England. Present at the event were the chief financial and investor relations officer, Ricardo Hingel, and the executive superintendent of the Information Technology Security Unit, Jorge Krug, who gave a lecture at the congress on Banrisul’s experiences in the development of multi-application cards.

According to Banrisul CEO Fernando Lemos, the award also represents international recognition of the Bank’s development and use of cutting-edge technology. “The award is the product of our investment in technology management and banking security, which has increased the quality of the services we provide”, said Fernando Lemos, who also commented that Banrisul’s integrated card is a reference in Brazil and worldwide.

MULTOS is an operating system used by Banrisul’s smart cards that has the advantage of supporting multiple applications. MULTOS enables cards to be used for debit transactions (with EMV international standards) as well as secure Internet Banking transactions and digital certification by State Certification Authorities.


MULTOS is a highly secure operating system that supports multiple applications for use in smart cards. MULTOS allows cards to be monitored during all steps of a transaction, simplifying and improving the smart card issuing process. MULTOS is an open system and nonproprietary, ensuring that it will become the standard system for smart cards in all industries, including finance, commerce, tourism, media and telecommunications.

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