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Banrisul is one of the largest companies in the world

Banrisul is one of the largest companies in the world

Banrisul has joined the list of the largest 2,000 companies in the world according to the US-based finance, economics and business magazine, Forbes. Forbes’ rankings are based on annual dollar sales, net income, assets and market cap. With 34 companies in the top 2,000 this year, 19 more than in 2004, Brazil underlines the growing presence of the emerging nations.

According to Banrisul CEO, Fernando Lemos, the institution’s first appearance on the list demonstrates the excellent work of its employees and the effectiveness of its business model. “Banrisul’s results are living proof that a public bank can be efficient, modern and profitable,” he highlights.

Lemos also emphasizes the Bank’s leading-edge technology, exemplified by the recent award for the best project worldwide combining digital certification (Rio Grande do Sul Certification Authority) and normal banking services on a single card. The award was delivered during the event marking the 10th anniversary of the MULTOS System, in London in March.

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