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Austin Rating gives Banrisul an A+ rating

Austin Rating gives Banrisul an A+ rating

Austin Rating, the credit risk-rating agency, informed the elevation of Banrisul’s long term risk rating from ‘A’ to ‘A+’, and assigned the company a short term A-2 rating. According to the notice, the elevation is based on the Company’s good capitalization, assets and liabilities dispersal, revenue source diversification, credit asset quality, suitable liquidity and profitability levels and expansion of its operations through the opening of strategic branches outside the State.

Austin Rating’s notice also highlighted that Banrisul kept focused on the expansion of preapproved loans for individuals, mainly payroll-deductible loans for public servants. In the corporate segment, Banrisul kept committed to achieving higher portfolio dispersal, targeting its operations to small and mid-sized businesses. In addition, Banrisul continued investing in technology, with an emphasis on the new Internet Banking and Banrisul Internet Card services, and a diversified product and service portfolio.

The ‘A+’ rating means that the Bank has good intrinsic financial soundness, conducting secure and valued business transactions, with a current and historical good financial situation. The corporate and sector scenario may vary without affecting the Bank’s functioning conditions. Very low risk.

Austin Rating is the first national company to assign ratings in Brazil and, in addition to pioneering credit risk rating, the institution is characterized by developing its own methodology, which adapts international standards to the national financial market and its particularities.

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