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Banrisul has over one million clients with online access to credit

Banrisul has over one million clients with online access to credit

In addition to commemorating its 80th anniversary on September 12, Banrisul also has other reasons to celebrate. One of these is the bank reaching the milestone of one million customers who can use self-service channels (Virtual Branches and ATMs) to contract a variety of different types of personal credit. This innovation in the way credit is granted has made possible the contracting of more than 500,000 credit operations in the past 12 months in just two lines (automatic personal loans and one-minute loans), for disbursement of R$585 million.

According to Banrisul CEO Fernando Lemos, implementation of the new technology led the individuals loan portfolio to grow by 38.2% year on year in the first six months of this year. “This performance reveals the success of the new management model adopted by the institution, which has brought modern and agile customer-service mechanisms.”

As a strategic measure to expand credit, Banrisul has developed a risk and automated credit model that uses statistical modeling parameters based on credit scores and behavior scores. The system boasts the latest technology, enabling the distribution of preapproved credit limits to clients according to their risk classification, which increases security for the bank while allowing accountholders to contract operations online. Through this new tool, Banrisul customers enjoy access to a mix of the principal credit products targeting individuals, namely overdraft lines, one-minute loans, automatic loans, credit cards, payroll loans and Banricompras (limit for installment purchases).

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