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Banrisul is one of Latin America’s most valuable brands

Banrisul is one of Latin America’s most valuable brands

Banrisul is one of Latin America’s top 50 brands, according to the Interbrand Ranking of Latin America’s Most Valuable Brands conducted by the U.S. consulting firm Interbrand. In 2008, Banrisul’s brand was valued at US$179 million or R$317 million. According to the study, Brazil leads the list with 15 brands and the state of Rio Grande do Sul boasts two companies other than Banrisul.

Governor Yeda Crusius celebrated the achievement. “The success of the public offer of preferred shares of Banrisul in 2007 was clearly a demonstration of the strength of an institution that projects itself internationally without failing to fulfill its role as an agent of development in the state,” she said.

According to Fernando Lemos, Banrisul’s CEO, the highlight was the recognition of the entire management model implemented by the Bank, which strengthened the institution and increased its competitiveness. “Banrisul joined the Level 1 Special Corporate Governance segment of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) and is a reference in the field of Information Technology security. These are elements that give us an idea of the long trajectory of a bank that celebrates eight decades as a strong and profitable institution," he said. Lemos stressed that the focus of efforts will be to continually improve customer service. “The potential of a brand name resides in the relationship of transparency and trust with clients that strengthens each day. To be one of the top 50 brands is a reason for great pride and responsibility,” he said.

The analysis of Banrisul conducted by Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consulting firm, considered that the 2007 financial results and the image of a reliable institution that knows how to modernize to offer the best practices in the market came together to give the brand its high value. The consulting firm also highlighted the Bank’s 80-year history and its strong presence in the country’s South region.

The survey’s methods took into consideration the figures published by the institutions and their profitability. “That’s how we determined the value of each company’s brand name,” explained Alejandro Pinedo, managing director of Interbrand in Brazil. Pinedo believes that brands are valuable assets for organizations and that when placed at the center of a business strategy can grow to have a global reach.

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