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Banrisul’s International IT Forum is a public success

Banrisul’s International IT Forum is a public success

Today, October 28, Banrisul hosted the Banrisul International IT Forum, attended by over a thousand people, at the facilities of Bourbon Country Theater in Porto Alegre. Rio Grande do Sul state governor Yeda Crusius also attended the forum, along with the state Secretary of the Treasury and Chairman of Banrisul’s Board of Directors, Aod Cunha, the bank’s CEO, Fernando Lemos, and the institution’s Executive Vice-President, Rubens Bordini.

Governor Yeda Crusius stressed that the global economy is undergoing a crisis of trust in financial institutions. “However, a stable financial system was built in Brazil aiming to strengthen these institutions.” In light of this, she highlighted Banrisul as a unique case since, in the state, being publicly held is a quality and, through the bank’s public offering held last year, the company conquered the world’s trust.

Secretary Aod Cunha emphasized the importance of innovative initiatives in the public sector. “With the professional management of the Bank’s executive officers, the institution has been presenting innovative solutions, such as the smartcard (chip card) and the Internet Banking service, as the IT team fulfills its role of making citizens’ daily lives easier.”

According to CEO Fernando Lemos, the event commemorates Banrisul’s 80th anniversary, showing the community what the bank has been doing in information technology. “At Banrisul, IT is targeted to meet clients’ demands and requirements of the national financial system and, overall, to ensure fully safe, high-quality services for account holders.” He stressed that the company’s competent technical staff works to make IT into a simple business-making instrument. “Digital certification allows all applications to be stored in the bank card, with credit and debit functions, plus access to Internet Banking and ATM machines, in addition to the possibility to include e-CPF (electronic Individual Taxpayer’s ID).” Lemos stated that Banrisul’s mission is to provide not just social, but also digital inclusion so that all citizens of the state have access to technological services, providing even greater comfort and agility to society.

Banrisul’s Executive Vice-President and Management Officer, Rubens Bordini, highlighted the diversity of the attending public. “Generation Y, the youngest, comes fully motivated to advance technologically.” While presenting the bank’s technology track record, he said Banrisul has always been a pioneer in technological advances that promote client comfort and safety. “The institution currently operates 1.32 billion infrastructure transactions per month,” he stated, showing the company’s main products. Bordini also said that next year, Banrisul will build a new “green” data center based on sustainability concepts.

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