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Banrisul launches Banricompras Celular

Banrisul launches Banricompras Celular

Product targets mobile commerce

At a press conference today (19) in Porto Alegre, Banrisul launched its latest product: Banricompras Celular. Before the many journalists present, Banrisul CEO Fernando Lemos presented the advantages and functions of the service targeting the mobile commerce market, which he said was the only one of its type in the world. “Banrisul is once again at the forefront, offering innovative products to its three million clients.”

To demonstrate the efficiency of Banricompras Celular, during the press conference CEO Lemos himself carried out the first payment transaction using this electronic channel, ordering a pizza from Pizza Hut’s delivery service. When he received the order, he used his bankcard to pay the deliveryman, which was carrying the terminal used to effect the transaction. Using only a mobile handset coupled to a printer that also functions as the card capture equipment, the electronic fund transfer was successfully completed, with the affiliated merchant receiving payment for the product.

Banricompras Celular was designed for situations requiring mobile convenience, such as telephone orders, taxis, general service providers (electricians, plumbers, etc.), and only a reduced number of transactions. Commercial establishments with delivery services and individuals who provide services of any type may become affiliated users of the new product.

The equipment communicates with the representative’s mobile handset using Bluetooth technology, capturing information from the consumer’s card and sending the data to the representative’s mobile handset, which complements the transaction by informing the amount of the purchase and the form of payment. It then confirms the transactions, and once the Bank issues the authorization, the mobile handset tells the equipment to print a transaction receipt.

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