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State hosts digital certification forum

State hosts digital certification forum

Banrisul and the National Information Technology Institute − an agency linked to the Private Office of the President of Brazil − will sponsor, on July 2 at the Bourbon Country Theatre in the city of Porto Alegre, the second edition of the Banrisul International IT Forum and the 7th CertForum - Porto Alegre Phase. The main topic will be digital certification, focusing on the new projects developed in the area and how this technology is being used in Brazilís South region.

The state of Rio Grande do Sul has many innovative solutions for digital certification, including its own certification authority, the State Certifying Authority (AC-RS). Banrisul is a partner in this initiative, using digital certificates to effect bank transactions and electronic government actions.

The program for the two events reflects the extent that the State has advanced in the area of IT, which has helped cut costs and streamline the management of processes and administrative and tax routines. The subject of electronic identities will also be covered at the event. The presence of European specialists as well as institutions such as the Federal Police of Brazil, among other entities, has already been confirmed.

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