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Banrisul among the 10 largest

September 17, 2009 |

Banrisul among the 10 largest

A recent study based on balance sheets since 2003 reveals the progress of the Bank’s indicators

In a little more than seven years, with branches covering 98% of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, Banrisul managed to implement a new management model, ensuring a spot among Brazil’s 10 largest commercial institutions, a group composed of giants, such as Bradesco, Itaú-Unibanco, Santander and HSBC, in addition to Banco do Brasil and Caixa. A recent study, based on the balance sheets published half-yearly since 2003, reveals the Bank’s solid position through the progress of its key indicators. These indicators are analyzed by account holders and entrepreneurs when deciding where to invest their savings and by market players when acquiring shares from a certain company.

− Banrisul’s strength consists of its well-defined strategy of being the leader in Rio Grande do Sul. The Bank plays an important role in the State’s economy, standing out for its relationship with municipal and state government employees − says Luís Miguel Santacreu, analyst of Austin Rating, a consulting firm specializing in the financial sector.

The market acknowledges the efforts of the Bank’s management, says the specialist

Banrisul’s assets, shareholders’ equity, and income have grown, in addition to the number of branches, employees and account holders. The Bank followed the credit expansion in Brazil, especially regarding payroll-deductible loans, maintaining a conservative administration, marked by the low leverage − which shows how many times the credit portfolio is larger than the assets. Last June, this ratio was 3.8 times, while the international standard, called Basel Index, allows for a ratio of 11 times.

According to Santacreu, the market acknowledges the efforts of the Bank’s management at making it more professional, not only by investing in technology, but also by implementing a policy that motivates its employees and awards good performance.

− Despite the political and economic adversities, the Bank’s management has remained unchanged as new administrations come and go. This is very positive, since the government, Banrisul’s controlling shareholder, is the primary interested party in the Bank’s solid position and good results − says the economist.

From 2002 to last June, Banrisul invested R$865.8 million in technology in order to reach the same level of its competitors in the regional market. Today, the Bank’s system is totally computerized. For example, from Banrisul’s operating center, where 50 technicians work, it is possible to follow all of the Bank’s transactions in real time, as well as the performance of the financial market.

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