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Banrisulís Shares among the most profitable in the Americas

Banrisulís Shares among the most profitable in the Americas

Banrisul‘s shares presented the third best performance in 2009 of those from the banking sector in Latin America and the United States, according to a study released by consulting firm Economática of Sao Paulo, having registered an increase of 277.7% last year and an average daily volume of USD3.429 million.

Out of the top 25 most profitable banks, nine are Brazilian. The analysis considered only shares that were traded in more than 70% on the sessions of 2009 and that had an average daily volume greater than USD1 million. The variation shown (in percentage) was calculated with all the quotes in U.S. dollars.

For Mr. Ricardo Hingel, CFO and IRO of Banrisul, the highlight was received by the institution as the result of the positive performance of the Bank and its communication strategy with the market. "The more there is an approach with investors, the more the Bankís recognition both in Brazil and abroad increases, as well as the volume of our shares traded," he said. The executive also cited the indication by the Association of Investment Analysts and Investment in Capital Market (APIMEC), regional Sao Paulo, of the public presentation of the results made by Banrisul in the city of São Paulo as one of the top 10 meetings for the year 2009.

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