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Mateus Bandeira sworn in as CEO of Banrisul

Mateus Bandeira sworn in as CEO of Banrisul 

In the presence of a large audience, took office today (April 20), the new CEO of Banrisul, Mr. Mateus Bandeira. The ceremony, held at the headquarters of the Bank, in Porto Alegre, with the participation of the State Governor, Ms. Yeda Crusius, the State Secretary of Finance and Chairman of the Board of Administration of the Bank, Mr. Ricardo Englert, officials from the legislature, judiciary and prosecutors, representatives of business organizations, and the municipality of Pelotas − Bandeira’s hometown -,as well as officers and employees from Banrisul.

To Governor Yeda Crusius, the Bank‘s commited to building the future of the State. "Banrisul is present with credit supply to productive sectors of the economy, sponsors sports and the education of young people through social programs, among many other fronts on which the “bank of the gauchos” (how the inhabitants of the State are known) operates soundly and effectively."

Ms. Crusius, who considered herself part of the staff of Banrisul, stressed that the appointment of Mateus Bandeira starts a new phase in the institution. "He has an enormous potential to make Banrisul continue to developing at the same pace of recent years and at the same time, being a protagonist of the increasing growth of the State."

On the occasion, the executive vice-president of Banrisul, Mr. Rubens Bordini, recognized the work of Mr. Fernando Lemos, former CEO and Vice-chairman of the Board of Administration, pointing to his dedication and competence in the administration of the institution and welcomed the new CEO. "Bandeira, you’ll find a solid bank, with financial health, guided by corporate governance and permanently focused on results," he stressed.

Mr. Bordini reaffirmed that, under the guidance of Governor Yeda Crusius, the company has achieved a high level of financial maturity, consolidating results and modernizing its structures.

In his speech, Mr. Bandeira reported his background and achievements as director of the State Treasury and as Secretary for Planning and Management. He also thanked the governor for the confidence, support and opportunity.

He emphasized Ms. Crusius’ right political decision that ended with the successful Banrisul’s public offering, at the time the largest IPO of banks in Latin America. "As a result of this bold decision, Banrisul now has equity of R$3.5 billion, and more than 50 thousand shareholders, 300 of them from abroad. But if it were not for its fiscal balance and the correspondent confidence in the State Government, we would not have investors from all over the world by buying shares of a state bank on the southern tip of South America, "he said.

Mr. Bandeira also paid tribute to Mr. Lemos’ management by the "public spirit and the extraordinary work done in the past seven years." "I receive Banrisul with a mature management model and ranked among the ten largest Brazilian banks. To continue this growth is our goal."

The new CEO praised the commitment with the employees of Banrisul to grow with quality, and called them to this new challenge. "Our strategy is to grow safely with strong credit expansion, but always preserving Banrisul as a healthy and profitable bank, for thereby promoting the economic and social development of the Rio Grande do Sul," he concluded. 

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