For brMalls, it is very important to develop and help the communities surrounding the malls. Throughout 2019, over 109 social actions were developed at our malls. The actions aimed to support needy communities, foster culture, promote sports, take care of health and, mainly, generate happiness.

+77 Benefited institutions

3.6 Tons of food

7,577 Toys donated

R$ 809K Raised

+109 social actions carried out at brMalls´ malls

Education and Innovation

Instituto Shopping Recife

More than 48.100 people impacted

The Institute consists of Shopping Recife‘s corporate social responsibility area. It is a private social investment by brMalls in partnership with JCPM, Magus e Milburn.

Since 2007, Instituto Shopping Recife‘s mission is to develop, and support actions and projects focused on creating opportunities for residents of the community of Entra Apulso and around the mall. The project‘s vision is to be recognized as an agent of social development.

The community impacted by the project is Entra Apulso, which has over 12,000 inhabitants. The community faces problems related to the lack of paved roads, sanitation, water supply and drainage. The streets are narrow, with internal alleys, irregular accesses and is difficult to get around. The region aggregates many local productive enterprises, basically focused on the service area, with emphasis on the beauty and food segments.

Instituto Shopping Recife presents 4 pillars of action in the community:

  1. Education
  2. Professionalization
  3. Culture, sport and leisure
  4. Community living

Pillars of Action

In the education pillar, the institute supports the initiatives PulsArt, Pulsando Educação and PulsaTEC and ISR English projects. In the second pillar, which is professionalization, its focus is to train residents for work and entrepreneurship through a learning program, partnerships with Training Institutions and Incentive to Community Entrepreneurship.

In addition, the institute encourages culture, sports and leisure through the initiatives Dança Pulsante and Esporte Pulsante, Art Education workshops and external experiences.

Finally, the pillar of Community Living promotes good collective practices with socio-cultural events, sustainability and health and interventions in the community.

In its 12 years of activity, 48,100 people have been impacted by Instituto Shopping Recife. While 6,804 people were impacted by Education projects, 8,036 people were affected by the professionalization pillar, where 15% were placed at Shopping Recife. The Culture, Sport and Leisure pillar helped 5,427 and Community Living, 27,833.

Plaza Verde

Hiring ex garbage collector to manage waste from malls, offering CLT regime and other benefits. (see more in Environmental)

brMalls Partners

Project to accelerate retailer through the exchange of experiences and technical support, together with endeavor mentors.


Campaigns Carried Out in 2020:

  1. Vaccination campaigns, donation and hygiene of app vehicles.
  2. Exam campaign for COVID-19 in drive-thru format.
  3. H1N1 vaccination campaign in drive-thru format.
  4. Campaign for donation of food and hygiene and cleaning products in drive-thru format.
  5. Donation of oxygen cylinders.

1.4 Tons of food

For SEAS (State Department of Social Assistance) to assist communities impacted by the pandemic and closing of trade.

Campaigns From Previous years

Pink October

To increase the self-esteem of women diagnosed with breast cancer and to support their families, several of brMalls´ malls carried out actions covered in solidarity, love and affection, during the month of October. Throughout Brazil, renowned hairdressers were invited to participate in events at the malls, in which free haircuts were made, that were later donated, scarves were collected, and a space dedicated to women in need was set up.

Pink October - Women’s Cancer League

At Iguatemi Caxias we offered special collection points for certain types of milk and supplements for patients under chemotherapy treatments. In addition, a fashion who was held together with CAPC, with patients who are being treated serving as the models, and the make-over and clothes nedeed for the show were made available by the mal. The institutution was able to impact over 450 people through the campaign.

Beer&Beef Mug Sales

To positively impact even more the lives of those who live around the mall, during the Beer&Beef event in Catuaí Londrina, 2,244 acrylic mugs were sold, totalling R$ 6,300, which were donated to the Cancer Hospital in Londrina.

Inclusion and Accessibility

Understanding the importance of diversity for society and thinking about the consumer experience, brMalls started a series of inclusive actions and activities at its events in 2019. Changes were made in the structures and production of new accessible toys, in addition to more specific training for promoters, to bring and improve the experience of the events for all customers.

The company also began to rethink the choice of promoter professionals who will be with customers. This way, it started promoting greater humanization, diversity and empathy in events and reinforced the purpose of being a destination of happiness and opportunities.

Goiânia Shopping

São Bernardo Plaza Shopping

Shopping Campo Grande

Donation Campaigns

brMalls do Bem

In May 2020, we launched the brMalls do Bem campaign, together with Generating Falcons, with the aim of collecting monetary donations to help thousands of the most vulnerable families in the pandemic scenario, with basic baskets that include food and hygiene items. As a result, we raised R$ 1,257,150, equivalent to 25,143 basic baskets, serve 20,950 people for 3 months and supported 18 cities. In addition, we provide our parking lots for exam campaigns for Covid-19, conduct vaccination campaigns against H1N1 and participate in food donation campaigns and hygiene and cleaning products.

Disney Children‘s Day Toy Donation

To celebrate children‘s day, 16 of brMalls´ malls once again participated in the Disney toy donation campaign. In 2019, the campaign took place from September 12 to October 12. With this project, 19 charities were benefited, and 6,039 toys were donated. When making the donation at one of the Collection Points available, regardless of the number of toys donated, the participant received, upon making the delivery, 1 exclusive backpack tag from the Toy Story 4 movie.

Shopping Jardim Sul

Christmas Solidarity Campaign

12 charity institutions impacted by the Christmas Campaigns

Several of brMalls´ malls carried out Christmas campaigns in 2019. In the projects, customers could be Santa Claus for a special child or even sponsor a child in one of the participating needy institutions.

There were 10 malls with actions of this social nature, with over 500 people/children sponsored at Christmas with toys, clothes, treatment equipment, cleaning and personal hygiene products, school supplies, among others.

Shopping Estação

Shopping Estação

Shopping Estação

Catuaí Shopping Londrina

Natal brMalls do Bem

In December 2020, we launched the Christmas brMalls do Bem campaign, together with the Devolver Institute, with the aim of donating Christmas and basic baskets to NGOs located around our malls. As a result, 1,276 baskets were given, benefiting 24 institutions and impacting 9 states.

Gazeta Warm Clothes Campaign

The Piracicaba Mall contributed to the "Megacampanha do Agasalho", which is organized and carried out by the Social Solidarity Fund of Piracicaba (FUSSP), by the Gazeta de Piracicaba and by the radio Onda Livre FM 105.3.

The collected clothing items are taken to the project’s headquarters, a part of the Social Fund, pass through a sorting phase and are then sent to the Reference Center for Social Assistence (CRAS), coordinated by the Municipal Department of Social Development (SEMDES). Then, the items sent to the social institutions that are in need and the population in general. There were over 40,000 clothing items collected throughout the campaign’s collection points.