Coteminas strives for the best possible return for its staff, its suppliers, its customers, its shareholders, and the entire company. Accordingly, in addition to meeting all legal requirements, paying taxes, and complying with the law, the Company is involved in social activities directly impacting the many communities in which it is present, focusing particularly on education of children and adolescents.

Its scrupulous attention to the environment merit recognition, since it is strict Coteminas policy to always advance beyond the requirements of the law. Its determination to avoid damage to nature is part of its code of ethics and even governs its choice of production process.

Coteminas also invests in the future of its communities, with the construction of the Porto Estrela Hydroelectric Plant, built in association with Vale do Rio Doce and CEMIG, to generate power and enable the storage and control of river waters, thus benefiting an enormous region.

The company pays special attention to and invests heavily in the human and professional growth and development of its entire team, and thus creates a close knit team that motivated and dedicated to the success of human being.


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