Balanced and proper nutrition is required for crops to develop their full potential and produce more food. As a result of continuous extraction of nutrients from soil to crops, said nutrients are rapidly depleted, and if not supplied, they will not be sufficient to provide all the nutrition required for maximum productivity. In this scenario, fertilizers become essential for crop development.

Heringer provides its customers with a broad product portfolio made up of various fertilizer formulations. Our products are developed with high standard quality and ensured through physical and chemical analyses of the raw materials it receives, as well as of the NPK formulations it produces. These tests are performed in its modern laboratory located at the Paulínia (SP) production unit, which is certified by ANDA, the Brazilian fertilizer association.

Heringer products are divided into two categories:

- Basic Fertilizers and NPK Formulas: basic fertilizers are represented by the raw materials urea, potassium chloride, ammonium sulfate, SSP, TSP, MAP and DAP, among others NPK formulas are the result of an industrial mix of basic fertilizers in accordance with specifications defined by consumers;

- Special Fertilizers: these are largely exclusively manufactured by the Company and provide agronomic advantages over market standards. Heringer has the largest portfolio of special fertilizers in the market with potential use in all crops. This is our differentiated product line:

This product line has been developed to meet the nutritional needs of crops in order to increase productivity, improve the final quality of products and provide better financial returns to rural producers.

The Company sells and distributes basic fertilizers, NPK formulas and special fertilizers. It also offers its customers a wide range of services, such as incentive programs for soil analysis, technical lectures for rural producers, field days, pre- and post-sale support and specialized technical guidance.