The Hedge Policy Committee is a permanent technical and consulting body. It shall be incumbent upon the Hedge Policy Committee to hold regular meetings to assist the Board of Directors in the performance of its responsibilities relating to periodical analyses of protection measures against variations in exchange rate and interest rates, analyses of the effect of these variations upon our revenues and expenses. The Hedge Policy Committee also evaluates the efficacy of the hedge measures adopted each month, and makes recommendations on future variations. The elected members are: (a) Mr. Alfredo Fardin, Commerical Officer; (b) Mr. Pedro Augusto Lombardi Ferreira, Supplies and Logistic Officer; (c) Mr. Rodrigo Bortolini Rezende, Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations Officer. The members of the Hedge Policy Committee are not remunerated and count on the assistance of a company specializing in the matter.

Created in 2012, the Sustainability Committee of Fertilizantes Heringer is in charge of planning, implementation and supervising of sustainability actions promoted by the Company. In addition to a member of the Board of Directors, constitute the Committee managers of the Legal Department, Human Resources and Industrial.

It is a corporate nature group active in all units of the Company. It holds monthly meetings to discuss actions and projects focused on sustainability to be developed.

Pursuant to article 20 of our Bylaws, the Board of Directors is allowed to establish, for its assistance, technical and consulting committees, with well-defined objectives and assignments, integrated by members of the management or not. In case they are established, it shall be incumbent upon the Board of Directors to set forth the rules applicable to the Committees, including those related to composition, duration of tenure, remuneration, and operation.

The committees are made of a minimum of two and a maximum of five people, members of the Board of Directors or not, and appointed and dismissed by the Board of Directors. The term of office of the committees’ member is identical to that of the members of our Board of Directors.