Heringer´s investor relations website contains forward-looking statements, which are subject to risks and uncertainties, as they are based on beliefs and premises of the Management, and on available information. Forward-looking statements include information about the Company´s or the Management´s intentions, beliefs, or current expectations of a series of subjects, including the following:

  • Economic, political and business conditions in Brazil, and especially in the regions where the Company has or intends to have operations;
  • Changes or amendments to laws and regulations related to or which can affect the fertilizers sector;
  • Increase in competition in the fertilizers sector;
  • Reduction in the demand for fertilizers;
  • Heringer´s difficulty or incapacity to implement operating strategies and investment plans, including the expansion of its activities in the sectors where it has operations;
  • The Company´s capacity or incapacity to maintain its indebtedness and other financial obligations at low levels, and its capacity to apply for financings whenever necessary, and in reasonable terms;
  • Heringer´s capacity to maintain and improve its logistics structure;
  • Heringer´s capacity to keep on providing value-added services to its customers, which distinguishes it from its competitors;
  • Heringer´s capacity to maintain trade relations with its customers and suppliers; - Changes in the cost of the raw-materials the Company uses, and in its products; - Adverse results of law suits or administrative proceedings involving Heringer;
  • Other factors that might adversely affect its financial conditions, liquidity, and operating results.
  • Other factors and trends that might affect the Company´s financial conditions, and the risk factors presented on the Risk Factors section; and
  • Other declarations included in this website related to non-historic facts.

Investors must be aware that the factors mentioned above, as well as other factors discussed on this investor relations website, might affect the Company´s future results, and might lead the Company to results that differ from those expressed on Heringer´s forward-looking statements on this website and in documents included herein.

Forward-looking statements also include information about likely or presumed future results of the Company´s operations. Prospective statements are presented in several sections of this website, as well as statements that contain words such as "believes", "might", "continues", "expects", "foresees", "intends", "plans".

Forward-looking statements are not a guarantee of performance. They involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions because they refer to future events, depending, thus, on circumstances that might or might not occur. Heringer´s future conditions in terms of financial status, operating results, strategies, market share, and market value might have a significant difference compared to those expressed or suggested in the forward-looking statements. Many of the factors that will determine these results and values are beyond the Company´s control or forecast capacity.

Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.