The Company invests in the research and development of new technologies which may be used in its fertilizer production line. As a result, Heringer currently has one of the largest portfolios of specialty products, most of them with proprietary technology. The agronomic properties of these specialty products are superior to those of conventional fertilizers, ensuring higher crop yields. These improved yields are documented through experiments carried out by renowned research institutions, as well as the testimony of countless farmers who have used these fertilizers.

In addition to our products, Heringer maintains an experienced and highly qualified technical team, composed of agronomists and zootechnicians, who are fully up-to-date with the latest trends in Brazilian crop fertilization. This team works in close association with important researchers in the field of soil fertility and plant nutrition, in order to ensure that they are always aware of the latest techniques and parameters regarding proper crop nutrition and fertilization.


Fertilizantes Heringer maintains three study and research centers, CEPEC (Eloy Carlos Heringer Coffee Extension and Research Experimental Center), CEMAP (Pasture Management and Fertilization Center) and CEAGRO (Agribusiness Study Center). These centers present modern technology to rural producers seeking productivity gains, and support the development of new products to be launched by the Company. Heringer’s technical staff and expert consultants make research conducted internally public in talks, field days, demonstration fields and other events of the farming industry.


The quality control of Fertilizantes Heringer S.A. is carried out by a team of quality inspectors and assistants, and a laboratory located in the industrial unit of Paulínia/SP. The laboratory is responsible for the quality control of the existing production processes in each group branch and has the appropriate structure and a modern system that records weight during the production process, ensuring reliability in the supply of high quality products to customers.

Fertilizantes Heringer S.A. has a strict and efficient system to control and track samples, from the use of well-defined identification standards, creation of plans, control lots, issue of reports and chemical and physical analysis. The entire process is updated and audited, always seeking to achieve the best results and effectiveness in the activities carried out. The commitment of all employees is essential to good work and customer satisfaction.