Ownership Breakdown

The following table sets forth the principal holders of Metalfrio outstanding common shares and their respective shareholdings, as of 03/31/2022.

Shareholders Shares %
Marcelo Faria de Lima (1) 2,152,058 52.40
Erwin Theodor Herman Louise Russel (2) 1,705,233 41.52
Executive Officers 222 0.01
Board of Executive Officers 59,335 1.44
Others 189,906 4.63
Total 4,106,754 100.0

(1) Shares held directly and indirectly by Mr. Marcelo Faria de Lima, member of the Board of Directors, and which are owned by Rio Verde Consultoria e Participações S.A., Peach Tree LLC and Marcelo Faria de Lima.

(2) Shares held indirectly by Mr. Erwin Theodor Herman Louise Russel, and which are owned by Almond Tree.