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Barretos, June 12, 2009 - Minerva S.A. (BOVESPA: BEEF3; Bloomberg: BEEF3.BZ; Reuters: BEEF3.SA), one of the market leaders in Brazil in the production and sale of beef products, leather and live cattle exports, in regard to the article entitled “Retail industry suspends purchases of beef from deforested areas of the Amazon region” published on page B3 of the June 12, 2009, edition of the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, hereby announces that it does not have any operational plants in the regions of Pará state mentioned in said article nor in the Amazon region as a whole. The Company is in full compliance with the prevailing regulations governing the sale of cattle from authorized farms and requires the same of its beef suppliers.

Nevertheless, as a precautionary measure, the Company has suspended cattle and beef purchases from farms and companies located in said regions.

Minerva will continue to give its full support to the Amazon region and the environmental regulations.

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