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Minerva announces constitution of the subsidiaries
“Minerva Log S.A.” and “Loin Investments Ltda”

Barretos, June 17, 2009 - Minerva S.A. (BOVESPA: BEEF3; Bloomberg: BEEF3.BZ; Reuters: BEEF3.SA), a leading producer and seller of beef, leather and live cattle in Brazil, announces the constitution of two subsidiaries called MINERVA LOG S.A. (logistics and transport) and LOIN INVESTMENTS ADMINISTRADORA DE CARTEIRAS LTDA. (management of its own securities portfolio).

The main purpose for the creation of MINERVA LOG is to reduce commercial expenses (maritime freight), to improve operating efficiency and to generate synergy gains for the live cattle and beef divisions. The new operation does not involve any additional investment to consolidated capex.

The constitution of LOIN INVESTMENTS will allow future eliminations of financial intermediation in regards to the Company’s cash investments, thereby reducing costs and taxes on our financial transactions.

Both subsidiaries will be owned in their entirety by MINERVA S.A. and MINERVA INDÚSTRIA DE COMÉRCIO E ALIMENTOS S.A.

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