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Notice to the Market

Barretos, October 5, 2010 - Minerva S.A. (“Company”) one of the leaders in Brazil in the production and sale of beef, leather and live cattle export announces, to its shareholders and to the market in general, today’s conclusion of the private exchange offer to substitute its Notes due 2017 ("Old Notes") issued by the subsidiary Minerva Overseas Ltd., for its Notes due 2019 (“New Notes”) issued by the subsidiary Minerva Overseas II Ltd., under the same terms and conditions to the New Notes issued for the international market on January 29, 2010.

The Company further reports that this offer reached an aggregate principal amount of US$125,517,000.00 or 78.74% of the total outstanding volume of Old Notes. As reported when this transaction was launched on September 2, 2010, this private exchange offer enhances Minerva’s debt profile, which is now composed by a bond with a higher liquidity in the international secondary market.