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Notice to the Market

Minerva S.A. ("Minerva" or "Company"), leading company in South America in the export of beef, as a supplement to the notice to the market disclosed on November 22, 2018, discloses to its shareholders and market in general that, as of the date hereof, received the approval to register its subsidiary Athena Foods S.A. ("Athena") before the Chilean Securities and Exchange Commission - Registro de Valores de la Comisión para el Mercado Financiero ("CMF") - Chilean regulatory agency.

Upon approval of the registry as a publicly-held company, Athena is qualified to perform the initial public offering (IPO) of its shares in the Santiago stock exchange - Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago.

The Company commits to maintain the shareholders and market in general informed about the course of this matter.

Click here, to access the Notice to the Market.

Barretos, April 9, 2019

Minerva S.A.
Edison Ticle de Andrade Melo e Souza Filho
CFO and Investor Relations Officer