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Call Notice

Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

Minerva S.A. ("Company"), pursuant to article 124 of Law 6,404/1976 ("Brazilian Corporate Law") and articles 3 and 5 of CVM Instruction 481/2009 ("ICVM 481/2009"), hereby calls the annual shareholders meeting ("Meeting") to be held, in first call, on March 20th, 2020, at 11:00 a.m., at Company’s headquarters, in the city of Barretos, State of São Paulo, in the extension of Avenida Antônio Manço Bernardes, without number, Rotatória Família Vilela de Queiroz, Chácara Minerva, ZIP Code 14.781-545, to examine, discuss and vote on the following agenda:

  1. amendment to the caput of article 5 of the Bylaws to reduce the Company‘s capital stock, in the amount of three hundred and eighty million, two hundred and nine thousand, nine hundred and forty-eight reais and twenty centavos (R$ 380,209,948.20), without cancellation of shares, to absorb the accumulated losses of the financial statements for the fiscal year ended on December 31st, 2019;
  2. mendment to the caput of article 6 of the Bylaws to increase the limit of the Company’s authorized capital;
  3. consolidation of the Bylaws; and
  4. authorization for the managers to perform all acts necessary for the effective reduction of the Company’s capital stock.

Call Notice

Management Proposal