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Notice to the Market

Minerva S.A. ("Minerva" or "Company"), the South American leader in the export of beef, hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that, as a preventive measure aimed at preserving the health of our employees, a portion of administrative employees in São Paulo/SP and Barretos/SP have been working from home since March 16. In addition, we will grant company-wide paid vacation to employees of the Janaúba/MG, José Bonifácio/SP, Mirassol D´Oeste/MT and Paranatinga/MT plants as from March 23 (Monday).

These initiatives are designed to comply with government measures to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus in Brazil, reinforcing the Company’s concern for and social responsibility toward its employees, partners and surrounding communities. This decision is also in line with the deterioration in the domestic and global scenarios, which include lower demand in the food service segment and logistics restrictions in various regions of the world.

The Company believes that company-wide vacation is the best measure to be adopted, as it allows us to preserve economies of scale in industrial operations. Minerva will adopt commercial measures to support its clients in the food service segment and keep working with its logistics providers, without prejudice to measures taken to avoid the spread of the virus.

Lastly, Minerva will continue to follow the protocols established by authorities to fight this pandemic, as well as support all initiatives designed to avoid propagation of the virus and improve the social and economic scenario as soon as possible.

Minerva will keep shareholders and the market in general informed on the development of this and any other material issue.

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