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Notice to the Market

MMinerva S.A. ("Minerva" or "Company"), the South American leader in beef exports, hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that: As disclosed in the notice to the market released on July 21, 2020, Minerva Foods‘ innovation area was created based on three main pillars: (i) advanced data analytics; (ii) e-commerce platform / Marketplace; and (iii) Corporate Venture Capital; with the purpose of reducing risks, maximizing opportunities and further advancing the food industry value chain. In this context, and after the initial investments in Clara Foods, Shopper and the joint venture with Amyris, the Company announces another corporate venture capital initiative with an investment in an agricultural’s sector startup the: Traive.

Traive was founded in 2018 and with the support of artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics, it is aiming to offer a set of financial solutions, such as credit, insurance and other services, to small and medium-sized rural producers. Based on algorithms and machine learning and big data tools, Traive develops credit models for the agricultural sector, in order to provide rural producers access to the most diverse financial solutions and products in the market, reducing paperwork and improving credit risk analysis, contributing to greater transparency, lower risk, and benefiting producers and creditors. Minerva Foods intends to invest US$3 million in Traive, leading the startup‘s new funding round (Series A), which will total US$15 million.

With operations currently in the United States and Brazil, Traive‘s product portfolio comprises solutions for the production chains of major agricultural commodities such as soybean, corn, cotton, sugarcane, coffee, and wheat. Minerva Foods, given its operational background and its extensive database of the beef chain, in addition to contributing to the expansion of Traive‘s scope of activity, reaching the livestock activity, will also benefit from the improvement in the management of its credit portfolio and from several other commercial opportunities focused on livestock. For more information about Traive, access:

The Company will keep its shareholders and the market in general informed about this and any other material issue.

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