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Notice to the Market - Acquisition of Relevant Interest


TECNISA S.A., ("Company"), pursuant to article 12 of CVM Resolution 44/2021 hereby announces to its shareholders and the market in general that it has received a correspondence sent by Mr. Meyer Joseph Nigri, registered in the roll of individual taxpayers (CPF/MF) under no. 940.088.258-00, and Mrs. Lilian Raquel Czeresnia Nigri, registered in the roll of individual taxpayers (CPF/MF) under no. 213.514.998-58 (jointly, "Controlling Group"), notifying that, due to the acquisition of common shares issued by the Company in transactions carried out through the B3’s trading sessions, the Controlling Group reached an equity interest of twenty-two million, one hundred thousand (22,100,000) common shares, which represent 30.02% of the total common shares issued by the Company.

The Controlling Group declared the acquisitions made are not intended to change the composition of the control or the administrative structure of the Company.

São Paulo, September 13th, 2021.

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